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Why Businesses Need to Adopt Retention-first Strategy?

Why Businesses Need to Adopt Retention-first Strategy?
01 Jul, 21 | 05:00 am

A retention-first approach will help you ensure that any customer entering your business doesn’t leave it. It will help improve repeat purchases and business ROI.

Ask any business owner, and they would tell you what role customer retention plays in their business strategies. Why?

When we put out a new product/service, which is more likely to buy this product? Would a person who has just heard of your business trust you enough to try a new product? No! Your regulars, who know what your brand stands for, will give it a try.

The Retention-first Approach

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Acquisition & Retention: The Two Crucial Sides of your Business
06 Jul, 21 | 05:00 am

Should you be focusing on customer acquisition or retention? Both are crucial for growing your business. When starting out acquisition can seem to be a good idea. However, when you are growing, you need to start prioritizing retention. Learn, which method works best and when.

Aren't we all faced with a situation where we have to choose one of the two- retention and acquisition. With the changing consumption patterns, evolving industry, and transforming faces, acquisitions costs are doubling up. If you want to acquire a new customer, you have to work your way into their hearts.

Why? The intense competition could be a compelling reason for that. Your competition is doi

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8 Customer Retention Metrics the Modern Retailer Should Track
08 Jul, 21 | 05:00 am

As a retailer, you should measure the success of your retention strategies. There are metrics that can help calculate whether you were able to boost profits through retention or not. Let's discuss the top 8 metrics that you should not ignore.

Have you ever thought to yourself that it is acceptable to lose a customer; we can always acquire the next one? No, right! Not even in your faintest dream do you want to lose a single customer.

However, the rising cost of acquisition combined with increased competition makes you stay awake into the night, finding ways to keep your customer.

Many business owners have started identifying the best

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How Loyalty Programs Effectively Increase Customer Retention?
13 Jul, 21 | 05:00 am

It is important to create a loyalty program that will help you attain your retention goals. Here are a few tips that should help get started

Did you just say getting the customer to walk-in to your retail store for the first ever time was hard? Wait till you try and lure them into staying with your business longer. That’s hard! That’s challenging! That requires a lot of effort.

But, wait! You don’t need to go the traditional way and keep note of every customer returning or not returning. You have a more sophisticated and automated way

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How to Align Your Loyalty Program To Your Business Strategy?
15 Jul, 21 | 05:00 am

To make your loyalty program stand out, you should align the program to your business strategy. Make it more personalized and aligned for better retention

Did you know that a vast majority of your customers visit your store only one time? Yes, one time! You spend all that money and time on customer acquisition only so that customers can come that one time.

Now sit back and think! How much did you spend, and what did you get from it? The answers were expensive.

It’s said that it costs [five times](

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Why Retail Businesses Should Engage Customers with SMS Marketing?
20 Jul, 21 | 05:00 am

Top benefits of using SMS marketing that every retailer should know. How SMS marketing can help boost sales and make customer engagement timely and effective

SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of receiving them. As good as 82% of customers say they open every text they receive and click on the links inside the messages. Now, did that make you smile?

Every retailer feels that they are invading the privacy of their customers by sending them text messages. However, the statistics beg to differ. Customers are delighted when they receive communication

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SMS Segmentation Best Practices For Retailers
22 Jul, 21 | 05:00 am

Incorporate these SMS marketing segmentation best practices to boost engagement and business growth with relevant messages to the right people

How many of you have observed that a text message is immediately opened by the customer? According to a statistic, 78% of the customers say that SMS is the fastest and swiftest way to reach them. Yes, you will notice that almost all text messages are ready within 3 minutes of receiving them. You cannot go wro

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5 SMS Marketing Tips for Retailers to Improve Success Rate
27 Jul, 21 | 05:00 am

SMS marketing tips for retailers that will help boost loyalty, drive more sales and increase repeat business.

SMS marketing is highly effective and profitable for retailers. It is cost-effective plus, it manages to reach the customers where they are.

According to [surveys](,saying%20they%20have%20over%201%2C000.&text=When%20asked%20to%20describe%20their,%E2%80%9Coverwhelming%E2%80%9D%20were%2

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How Retailers Convert Customer Insights into Profitable Sales?
29 Jul, 21 | 05:00 am

Data-backed customer insights can help you know your customers better, track their behaviour and foster a strong & long-lasting relationship with your customer.

For a while there has been a debate on whether insights really help retailers. A lot of top brands are falling back on customer data to run their business while, those who are not using it, are contemplating the benefits.

# Why You Need Customer Insights?

Let’s take a look at some of the top retailers across the globe, including super market chains like Walmart. They run on customer data.

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Top Reasons Why Your Best Customers are Slipping Away
03 Aug, 21 | 05:00 am

Your best customers are slipping away from your business. It is important to actively engage them to drive more sales through repeat customers.

A retail business thrives on its base of loyal customers that help the business stay longer in the business and make it profitable. However, for this, you need to focus on customer retention, and ensure that no customer moves out of the business.

Despite knowing this, it is seen that only 18% of the businesses actually focus on retention.

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Why Email Marketing is a Must for Every Retailer?
05 Aug, 21 | 05:00 am

Email marketing can help you reach the customer at the right time. It is cost-effective and helps improve ROI. Here's why retailers should adopt email marketing

Is email marketing relevant for a retailer? Yes! Can email marketing actually help create the impact the retailer sets out to? Again, yes!

Emails are helpful in formulating a cost-effective yet efficient way of reaching your customer, engaging them and making them come back to the store.

You are in direct contact with your end customer, and that itself is a major achievement for your business. T

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5 Ways to Measure the Success of Your Loyalty Program
10 Aug, 21 | 05:00 am

Knowing if your loyalty program is a success is crucial to your business. These top five ways will tell you if your customers love the program or not.

According to a survey done by Bond Brand Loyalty, customers belong to 13.7 loyalty programs on an average. They participate in only 6.7 programs.

Starting your loyalty program is an excellent step towards growth. However, knowing whether your program is yielding results is what will help you actually increase repe

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A Salon Owner’s Guide to Run Winning Loyalty Programs
12 Aug, 21 | 05:00 am

Follow these tips and techniques to get started with a strong loyalty program for your salon. Convert every visitor to a repeat customer.

Picture this scene for a moment! A customer walks into your store, gets a hair service- spa and cut probably along with some smoothening, and walks out. What did you do? You just got them to pay the bill, and they thanked you for a wonderful treatment. At the checkout, they couldn’t stop appreciating their hair, and you knew you had a customer who felt good.

Instead of letting your customer go wi

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The Retail Marketing Trends You Cannot Ignore in 2021
17 Aug, 21 | 05:00 am

Here are top trends that you have to incorporate in your retail marketing strategy for 2021.

Retail marketing is constantly evolving, especially in the post-Covid era. The consumption patterns, the customer behavior and a lot more is still evolving. There is a lot to learn and a lot of data that keeps changing with time. However, it is time for the retail landscape to evolve and match their footsteps with the customers.

Whether you want to drive brand awareness or make people come back

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How F&B Businesses Can Increase Repeat Sales with Personalized Text Messages?
19 Aug, 21 | 04:55 am

Check out all the ways in which you can personalize text messages for the segment and increase repeat sales for your business.

*“Hey! We’ve been missing you for a while. Sending a special gift your way!” *

Imagine that smile on your customer’s face when they receive a message like this from your business. It will not only make them remember your brand, but also make them want to come to your outlet sooner than they had planned.

What happened when they received this message? What changed?

They know your brand, and conn

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SMS Marketing Best Practices to Follow in 2021
24 Aug, 21 | 04:41 pm

A complete guide into SMS marketing best practices that every retailer should follow in 2021

As a business owner, we tend to believe that SMS marketing is a spam. We think customers will never look at our SMS or even respond to us. However, that’s far from true! In fact, a lot of customers’ love receiving text messages from their favourite businesses.

Following this statement up with a statistic, SMS gets a whopping [98%](

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How Restaurants Can Grow their Business with Emails?
26 Aug, 21 | 06:51 am

All the top tips that can help restaurant owners grow their business with email marketing

As a restaurant owner, donning multiple hats, ROI is a crucial term for you. Whenever you think marketing, you probably think ROI first. Despite the stage set by multiple platforms for marketing, email still remains the most cost-effective and profitable channel for all marketers.

An email is a direct communication that enters their mobile device, and will be checked by them. Big brands like Bar

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How to Increase Your Retail Sales?
31 Aug, 21 | 09:41 am

Your guide to increasing retail sales with the right resources and effective methods.

Are you looking at ways to boost your sales? We are living in the post-pandemic era, and it has become difficult to keep up with the competition.

At a time when the retail landscape has monumentally changed, we cannot keep up with the traditional marketing/sales methods. Here are a few tips that should help you get customers into your store and increase your sales.

#1 Make your customers fee

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Top 10 Profitable Retail Business Ideas for Indian Markets
02 Sep, 21 | 05:21 am

Planning to start your retail business? Here are top 10 profitable business ideas that you can adopt

The retail industry in India is growing at a fast pace, and contributes to about 10% of the GDP. It is a highly profitable segment. If you are planning a retail business, these profitable ideas should help you get started.

#1 Grocery Store

This is an ever-growing, and ever needed retail niche. People aren’t going to stop buying groceries, which means starting a grocery store is going to be pr

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