Editor: Deepa Bagga

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Check out all the ways in which you can personalize text messages for the segment and increase repeat sales for your business.

*“Hey! We’ve been missing you for a while. Sending a special gift your way!” *

Imagine that smile on your customer’s face when they receive a message like this from your business. It will not only make them remember your brand, but also make them want to come to your outlet sooner than they had planned.

What happened when they received this message? What changed?

They know your brand, and connect with your products/offerings. Now, they hadn’t been planning a visit in a long time. But, when they saw your message, they remembered the food and the ambience you offer. If you are offering a discount with the message, it made them want to avail it. Basically, you reminded them of your existence, and got them to plan a trip sooner. That changed with a simple yet effective message!

**90% customers are ready to receive messages from their favourite brands. **

Whether you are a coffee shop or a lounge bar, sending personalized messages can get you more visits and increase profits for your business. There is a huge opportunity available with SMS marketing that you should not miss. You can strengthen brand recall and encourage repeat purchases through these messages. It gives you the perfect medium to strike a two-way conversation.

Let’s take a look at all the different text messages you can send your customers to build relationships and improve repeat sales.

#1 Location-driven offers

You can run offers for specific outlets and send messages to your subscribers to let them know. For instance, if you have two outlets in the city, and you are running the offer at only one outlet, then you might want to mention that in your message.

“Listen up Noida people. BOGO on burgers!”

This is just part of a text message. When it is sent to people living in Noida, they will surely visit the outlet to redeem the campaign. It will eventually help improve the conversion rate for your business, and add repeat sales.

This is an excellent way of targeting relevant audience and removing the friction from messaging experiences.

The right timing combined with location specific offers can guarantee maximum sales.

#2 Send holiday/festive special offers

Food is an important part of celebrations, events and festivals. It happens to be an excellent time to send a personalized message with a limited deal to your customers.

Make your celebrations sweeter with sweets from “insert brand name” this Diwali. Get 20% off!

It just told your customers that you are offering a discount on sweets. It also showed them how they can make their Diwali celebrations better. So, if the customer was looking for sweet/gifting options this Diwali, they found you in their inbox. It means they will come and visit your store now, and buy from you.

You just added some repeat sales with minimal efforts to your business. Sending the right offers or deals during festive occasions and holidays assure to be the biggest conversion supporter.

#3 Limited-time deals on new launches

You can also launch new products and send customers limited time deals on the launch. It will make them feel special.

Say, you launched new chocolates at your store. Now, by sending a message saying you are the first to receive the news of this launch adds to the privilege. By offering a limited time deal, you will surely bring these customers to your store. You should make use of these limited time deals and engage more customers.

A lot of your customers would love to hear about new product launches or new menu that you have created. Send out these messages to improve repeat sales.

#4 Engage them with loyalty communication

If you have a loyalty program, then make sure you add your customers to it. It is a good idea to promote your loyalty program to your regulars. It also helps boost repeat sales.

You should also use loyalty communication to increase repeat sales.

You have received 25 loyalty points on “name the occasion”

By gifting these points, you have just strengthened your brand’s recall, and helped increase the repeat visits for your business. You can also tell customers how they can earn points by coming this weekend and ordering their favourites at your outlet. Instead of offering a promotional reward, you can offer loyalty promotion.

This cross-promotion can increase your repeat sales, and add profits to your business.

Summing Up

Text message is a powerful tool that can get you more customers and ensure that every acquisition is converted into a repeat sale. You need to identify your segments, ensure that you personalize the messages for the segment, and send them relevant messages at the right time.

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